Oh, yeah. Writing Links

It occurs to my that I haven’t been posting… well… anything in the past several years.  But, among the literally infinite number*of things I haven’t posted is a set of links to my writing.  I shall remedy this with haste.

*Well, it’s infinite if there is no character limit on a given post.  Otherwise it is merely absurdly large.


Under a previous name:

“Zhu Xaoshin and The Man of Clay”, Linguistic Erosion.

“A Thread Finer than Hope”, Mad Scientist Journal.

“Changing in the Pale Light”, Every Day Fiction.

“The Water Thief”, The Future Fire.

As Jackie Neel

“Flames in Flesh”, The Colored Lens, or buy the excellent e-book with other great authors here.


More to come as they are published.


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I’m a Southern writer, physicist, and teacher. On this here blog you’ll find my thoughts on books, technology, science, and whatever else I darn well please. View all posts by Jack

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