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Author: Steven R. Boyett

What happens when all technology suddenly fails, and magic, however reluctantly, comes to life in the world. Ariel is the tale of a young man and his smart-ass unicorn on a quest to fight the evil Necromancer of the ruins of New York City. Fast and gripping, but touching. The only significant drawback is the pages and pages and pages and … and pages about hang gliding, which are enough to convince you that hang gliding most be a sport accountants pick up when cranking Excel gets too hectic. But, really, focus on the smart-ass unicorn. Her name’s Ariel.

Ariel was recently re-released ahead of Boyett’s long awaited sequel (which he swore he’d never write), Elegy Beach.


Bridge of Birds

Author: Barry Hughart
This story is a watercolor painted on a silk screen, beautiful and simple. Don’t know what I mean? Maybe you should read the book.

It is a story of “ancient China that never was,” a fairy tell of sorts, but wrapped around a heist, or perhaps a mystery. It’s funny, charming, and engaging. You will likely figure out the ending before it’s delivered, but seeing the story unfold is no less pleasurable for it.